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Choose which options are right for you, whether it’s a holistic or medical approach. 

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Not everyone’s weight loss goals are the same, that’s why we individualize your plan.

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We have everything from IV therapy to Skinny Shots to speed up the weight loss process.

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State-of-Art Fat Loss Equipment

Fast Weight Loss employs high-end, state-of-the-art fat loss machines, such as Vanquish ME & LIPOCel, renowned for its expansive coverage over large body areas, setting it apart from other devices in the market. This exclusive and costly technology is a key feature of Fast Weight Loss’s Medical Wellness Center, ensuring cutting-edge effectiveness in targeted fat reduction.


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Medical & Holistic Weight Loss

With a blend of holistic and medical approaches, we offer a balanced and effective way to lose weight. The center prioritizes comprehensive well-being, addressing both physical and emotional aspects, ensuring a sustainable and transformative weight loss journey.

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Scottsdale, AZ

Stefanie Maass

Stefanie Maass


Alina Vitrenko

Alina Vitrenko


Jessica Spiczak

Jessica Spiczak

Managing Director, CLT, MA

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Effective Weight Loss Options.

Fast Weight Loss in Scottsdale, AZ, stands out as a premier destination for achieving effective and sustainable weight loss results. Utilizing clinically proven techniques endorsed by renowned weight loss doctors nationwide, the center combines expertise with cutting-edge approaches to help clients attain their health and fitness goals rapidly and safely. With a commitment to personalized care and evidence-based practices, Fast Weight Loss is dedicated to empowering individuals on their transformative journey to a healthier lifestyle.